Kvelertak Tore It Up At CMJ And I Have Proof [VIDEO]
For me, Kvelertak is one of the most interesting new bands out there. They mix rock, black metal and a little bit of prog to come up with a sound they can truly call their own. And to put the icing on the cake...the band kills it live or at least they did at CMJ Showcase last month in New York City. The audio quality, while not great, is okay in the video and good enough to tell me the band was tight and spot on when they tore it up that night.
Thrashman’s Metal Pick Of The Week
This week I'm going with Kvelertak's self-titled debut album. The band offers an interesting mix of modern metal, black metal and punk and it works so well for me. The best way I can describe their style is if a band like Baroness or Mastodon were from Norway this is probably how they would sound...
Thrash Heart Metal
I can't help it man...I've been obsessed with metal since I was fourteen years old when I first heard Metallica and I gotta say right now is an excellent time to be a metal fan. I've never seen so many quality releases in such a short period of time...