Rev Theory Interview from “Rocklahoma” 2011 [AUDIO]
Rev Theory stopped by for a quick interview right before they hit the stage tonight at Rocklahoma!
We'll have more exclusive back stage interviews coming soon from Drowning Pool, Taddy Porter, Cavo, Electric Touch & more so check back soon for more Rocklahoma front stage & bac…
All That Remains “Rocklahoma” 2011 [VIDEO]
Last night (05-27-11) at "Rocklahoma" All That Remains closed out the "Hard Rock" stage. Pure piss & vinegar and at excessive decibels the way God intended it! A hell of a set with all your favorites, audio quality isn't that great but up front where …
Texas Hippie Coalition “Rocklahoma” 2011 [VIDEO]
More videos & pictures from our exclusive coverage of Rocklahoma 2011 Last night (05-28-11) on the "Hard Rock" stage the "Band Of Outlaws" T.H.C. the Texas Hippie Coalition VIDEO & PHOTOS:
One hell of an evening with the boys of T.H.C.