Babe of the Week

And the Babe of the Week Is… Esther Hanuka!
All hail Queen Esther Hanuka! We’ve been wondering for the longest time why she added that “Queen” title to her name, but after she won Babe of the Week we realized that any bodacious beauty who looks this good covered in tats deserves to be treated like r…
And the Babe of the Week Is… Melissa Riso!
Melissa Riso, our new Babe of the Week, is an inspiration. After suffering a car accident during her freshmen year of high school, she was left with a glaring surgical scar around her naval as a constant reminder of how close she came to death. But instead of letting that mark rule her life, she tur…
And the Babe of the Week Is… Mikki May!
We are not surprised that wicked hot “endorphin junkie” Mikki May has become our latest Babe of the Week. It seems like she was born to be May’s Babe of the Month — mainly because of her last name — and this latest victory for her is just a sma…
And the Babe of the Week Is… Wendy Fiore!
Wendy Fiore proves without any reasonable doubt that having a giant set of melons, bazongas, hooters, or whatever you want to call them gives you the competitive edge you need to defeat your opponents. At least, when it comes to Babe of the Week.

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