Saint Asonia's Flawed Design is taking shape. The band, who issued "The Hunted" featuring a guest turn from Sully Erna as their lead single earlier this summer, now have a video for that track, while also previewing yet another new song off the forthcoming album.

"I'm super excited to share 'The Hunted' video with our fans," says singer Adam Gontier. "We worked with PR Brown, who did our 'Better Place' video from the first record, again. He's also done all of Saint Asonia's record artwork and is absolutely brilliant. He's an amazing photographer and his vision always seems to line up perfectly with ours. 'The Hunted' video sort of has a Little Red Riding Hood vibe to it. But it's a little more 'creepy,' if you will It's kind of a straightforward song, and I really wanted the video to be simple and visually intriguing. I think we've achieved that." Be sure to check out the clip below.

Meanwhile, the band has dipped into the upcoming album a little further, revealing a moody yet rocking new song called "Beast" from the forthcoming release. The track even ties in a mention to its predecessor with a "Hunted" reference in the lyrical content. Have a listen to the new song in the Spotify player below. If you like what you hear, it's available through streaming platforms here.

"The thing about Flawed Design is that it took longer than we expected to make," Gontier explains. "But in the end, because of that, it turned out to be a really good piece of work. There were so many things happening in my personal life when we started the process in early 2017 I basically took a step back, took care of the things I needed to, and I went through a lot of extremely difficult situations I found myself in a bad place. But, when I finally came out on the other side, I focused, we focused, and we made Flawed Design. It's a very real, vulnerable look into the last few years of my life — the good, the bad, and the ugly."

He finishes, "I feel confident in saying Flawed Design is, without a doubt, the best body of work/music I’ve ever created. I hope it has the same impact on fans, as it has on me."

Saint Asonia's Flawed Design album is due Oct. 25 and you can currently pre-order the record here. In addition, the album artwork and track listing has been finalized and you can see both below. You can also catch Saint Asonia playing shows Oct. 26 in Oklahoma City and Nov. 21 in Minneapolis, with more dates expected to be announced soon. Stay up to date on their touring here.

Saint Asonia, "Beast"

Saint Asonia, "The Hunted" Video

Saint Asonia, Flawed Design Artwork + Track Listing

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Spinefarm Records

"This August Day"
"The Hunted"
"The Fallen"
"Another Fight"
"Flawed Design"

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