You gotta be high as the moon to do what this guy did early last Sunday morning.

According to KFDX, around 3:00am, Wichita Falls police were dispatched to Texas Showgirls on North Scott due to reports of a naked guy running down the street trying to pick fights with people.

After searching the area, officers found 24-year-old Jaquaen Boyd on North Travis shouting incomprehensibly. Lucky for them, he at least had his pants on when they found him, because he tried to charge one of the officers. Seriously - having to wrestle an intoxicated person has to be hard enough without having to dodge penis in the process.

Of course, he resisted arrest and that’s when he got his first dose of the taser. After he continued to resist, the cops went ahead and lit him up a couple more times. They were finally able to get him into custody, but he continued to act abnormally and babble about stuff that made no sense.

Because he was clearly high on something and out of his mind, an ambulance was called to the scene. Boyd continued to resist even while on the stretcher.

He’s been charged with resisting arrest, public intoxication and assault on a public servant.

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