One of the year's most anticipated new albums is Lamb of God's VII: Sturm und Drang, but fans will likely be salivating a little bit more at this news. While the group did recently reveal the track listing for the disc, there was a key bit of information missing -- the special guests. It turns out that Dillinger Escape Plan's Greg Puciato and Deftones' Chino Moreno are making guest turns on the album.

According to the iTunes track listing, Moreno turns up on a song called "Embers," while you can hear Puciato's talents on a track called "Torches." So far, the band has yet to preview either track so you may have to wait until the June 24 street date to hear them.

What they have previewed is two new songs -- "Still Echoes" and "512" -- a pair of tracks inspired by frontman Randy Blythe's stay in the Czech Republic's Pankrac Prison. Of "Still Echoes," Blythe recently told Rolling Stone, “There was a guillotine right down the hall from me, from when the Nazis had the prison. From 1943 to 1945 they executed almost 2,000 people by the guillotine, because it was cheaper than shooting and quicker than hanging … They call it the Pankrác ‘Saw Room’ or the ‘Axe Room.’ I sat there at night, and I’d think about all those dudes that got their heads chopped off — men and women — in that place not too far from me.”

As for "512," that's a reference to Blythe's cell number. The vocalist penned the track about how his experience behind bars was changing him. He told Rolling Stone, “You cannot have the same mentality as the normal guy living on the streets in prison. You undergo a radical mental and emotional shift when you go into prison.”

He continued, “There are aspects of your personality that you could cultivate in prison that are beneficial to your survival that would be seen as psychosis or extreme paranoia. You have to be ready for violence at any time. Anyone who is 100 percent honest in prison will get taken advantage of, maybe by other prisoners, maybe by guards. For me, being in prison was a lot of figuring out what I could get away with, how I could work outside any set of rules in order to remain as comfortable as I could. You’re cultivating your psyche in your deceit. In prison, everyone is listening all the time, and if they hear you say something that they can take, they might internalize it and be like, ‘This guy is talking to someone,’ and he’ll wind up dead.”

Lamb of God have announced the variety of bundle options available for the pre-order of their VII: Sturm Und Drang disc. They range from the “everything bundle” (that includes the deluxe CD or LP, a 7″ vinyl single of bonus tracks, a signed album art lithography, a t-shirt, hoodie, cassette and sticker set and retails for $175) to the standard digital download (which retails for $11.98). Check out all of the options, located for pre-order at this location.

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