I have been saying this since I was seven, but no one was listening to me then.

Keith Olbermann went on one hell of a rant the other night on Derek Jeter and for good reason. Everyone is treating him like a God in his final season. When in fact he is doing pretty awful. If he was not in the lineup this team may actually be competing for a playoff spot. From the numbers I have seen, the Yankees have to go undefeated the rest of the year and some magic would have to happen for them to sneak into the playoffs.

As an Orioles fan their is no team I hate more than the New York Yankees. In the video seen above this is why I hate their fans and Derek Jeter. This is one of my earliest sport memories, my Mom and I were watching this game. I was excited because if the Orioles won I got to wear Orioles stuff to school the next day, it was private school. Believe me anything is better than a shirt and tie when you're seven.

So then the Jeffery Maier catch happens and my mom starts yelling at the television. I said are they allowed to do that? No they should not count that. Turns out they did and the Yankees would go onto win this series. Now I know this is a cliche scapegoat excuse, but as Orioles fans we all agree on one thing, screw Jeffery Maier. Who hit that now famous homerun? Derek Jeter, so ever since then I have hated this man. Is it his fault the fan reached over? No, not at all, but I still hate him. When I think Derek Jeter, I always think of this moment.

The Orioles and Yankees are playing this afternoon and I hope the Yankees win. So that on Thursday, in Derek Jeter's final home game as a Yankee, the Orioles are the ones that eliminate them from the playoffs. It would be a fitting end from my perspective.

Check Out Keith Olbermann's Rant Below: