Jeff Loomis joined me for a cold one and conversation  back on July 28 when he came through Tomcats West in Fort Worth as a part of the Intrinsic 2012 North American Tour with The Contortionist, 7 Horns 7 Eyes and Chimp Spanner.

One would think that being considered a guitar god would go to your head but not in Jeff's case. He has to be the most grounded person I've ever had the pleasure of interviewing and that's saying a lot because I can literally count the number of times an artist has been a douchebag to me on one hand.

What follows is a very open and honest discussion about working with the shredders that influenced him, being considered a guitar god, his future plans and of course the fate of Nevermore.

Jeff's latest solo album Plains of Oblivion is out now on Century Media Records.