Texas is one of the most gun friendly states in the union. Texans traveling this summer should be aware of which states don't feel the same way.

Bringing your gun(s) along while traveling within Texas is totally cool as long as you are legally allowed to own one in the first place. Texas does not require guns to be registered and allows both open and concealed carry.

Laws regarding firearms and when and where you can have them vary across the country. Texas is ok with it but some states aren't so, step one would be to check the laws of the state you're going to first.

Do I Need To Register My Weapon To Travel?

Some states and the District of Columbia require that guns be registered to the person who has them. Having one you bought without going through the registration process or borrowing one from a friend could land you in a lot of trouble.

Firearms and devices that MUST be registered no matter what state you're in include short-barreled shotguns, machine guns, silencers and destructive devices.

What Firearms Are Illegal To Possess Everywhere?

According to onlinetexasltc:

The only type of firearm federal laws say you cannot legally own in any state is an automatic weapon that was manufactured after 1986. In Texas, firearms and accessories you cannot legally possess without NFA registration include":

• Armor-piercing rounds
• Machine guns
• Zip guns
• Short-barreled rifles

Can I Bring A Firearm On An Airline?

Yes but make sure you FOLLOW THE RULES. Stepping into the wrong place without having done everything exactly right can land you in loads of trouble, real fast. I've done it and, when done correctly, it's pretty quick and easy.

No matter where you are, be careful and behave.

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