For those who say rock is dead, there seems to be an endless supply of youngsters ready to prove that theory wrong. One such occasion recently took place on Britain's Got Talent, where 11-year-old Harry Churchill recently wowed the audience and judges with a blistering Queen medley that included Brian May's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "We Will Rock You" guitar solos. And yes, Brian May himself even took notice.

The young rocker not only showed his guitar skills, but had quite the stage presence as well. His performance started with a leap into the air as he powerfully strummed the first chord, then bounding across the stage with relentless energy while eliciting smiles from the judging panel. M

Midway into the performance, the stomp-clap beat of "We Will Rock You" kicked in with Harry asking the crowd if they were ready to rock, encouraging the clap-along before leaving the stage to play on top of a platform in front of where the judges were seated. Pulling a show-stopper move, he then placed the guitar behind his head and continued to play Brian May's guitar solo from the song.

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The performance earned a standing ovation from the crowd, enthusiastic praise from the judges (yes, even Simon Cowell) and four "yes's" that would send him to the next round.

Harry Churchill Rocks Queen Guitar Medley on Britain's Got Talent

But the real cherry on top of this great performance for Harry was some complimentary words from Brian May himself.

"Harry Rocks !!!! Had to post this … congratulations Harry Churchill @harrysguitartime on smashing it tonight on @bgt !!! Go kill’em !!! Thanks @taliadean for the tip-off!," noted the Queen musician while posting a bit of Churchill's performance through his Instagram account.

While Harry Churchill has picked a great group to start his Britain's Got Talent run, you can see the real thing when Queen + Adam Lambert return to the U.S. this fall. Get your tickets here.

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