This Video Capturing a Tornadic Supercell Chasing a Driver in Texas Will Leave You Breathless.

Imagine driving down a Texas highway and suddenly seeing a massive storm forming behind you. That’s exactly what happened to one driver, and it was all caught on the video at the bottom of this article..

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The footage shows a terrifying and amazing scene where a giant storm, called a tornadic supercell, chases a car in Chico, Texas. This video gives you a front-row seat to the power of nature and will leave you both excited and scared.


We're Not in Kansas Anymore

The video starts with what seems like a normal drive through the Texas countryside. But soon, you notice dark, threatening clouds in the sky. These clouds mean trouble. As the driver keeps going, the sky gets darker and more dangerous-looking, creating a scary and unreal feeling.

Supercell Formation

Then, the camera points to a huge supercell thunderstorm. This storm is enormous and looks like it’s spinning. It’s a scary sight, showing just how powerful nature can be. The driver, seeing the danger, speeds up, but the storm seems to be following him.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

You can hear the wind getting louder and scarier. The storm's spinning clouds become more noticeable, and soon, a funnel starts to form. This is the beginning of a tornado, and the driver is in a race to get away.

Check out the video below:

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