Texas Dam Reinforced Ahead of Tropical Storm Berylwords

In a race against time, the Trinity River Authority (TRA) is pulling out all the stops to ensure the safety and integrity of their dam as Tropical Storm Beryl approaches.

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Announced on Saturday, TRA, in collaboration with the National Weather Service, is meticulously tracking the storm's projected path to mitigate any potential threats.

Potential Failure Watch

The urgency stems from damage sustained in June when severe storms compromised the dam's spillway, leading to a "potential failure watch." This prompted immediate action, with extensive repairs commencing in early July to tackle erosion from the powerful water flows. Crews and material suppliers are working tirelessly around the clock, ensuring that the dam can withstand future storm surges.  



Day-toDay Operations Continue

To maintain security, only authorized personnel are permitted on-site, with 24-hour monitoring in place to oversee the situation. Despite the ongoing construction, the dam's day-to-day operations have continued, with gate operations adjusted based on the repair activities.


Proactive Measures

Authorities are optimistic, stating that initial mitigation efforts are expected to be completed by Monday afternoon, just in time for the anticipated rainfall from Tropical Storm Beryl. The proactive measures aim to ensure that Lake Livingston Dam can handle high-flow events without compromising its structural integrity, safeguarding the surrounding communities from potential flooding.

Check out the video below:

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