Texas Panhandle's Epic Hailstorm Destroys SUV

"Gorilla hail" is a colloquialism to describe large hail, said Brad Small, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service. Gorilla-size hail or large hail is considered 2 inches in diameter or greater.

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The video at the bottom of this article is from the dashcam of Infamous Tornado Chaser Reed Timmer. This man has absolute nerves of steel. Let's break down the video.

The Calm Before the Storm

Timmer was traveling just north of Levelland Texas. Yep, it's my first time learning that's a town in Texas as well. As the video begins, his windshield has nary a scratch on it.



The Storm

That doesn't last long, as "gorilla hail" starts pelting the glass. Several giant cracks start appearing all over the windshield of his rental car.  


Timmer then pans the camera to record out of the side window, and we can see just how big the hail is raining down on the vehicle.


The Aftermath

As he turns the camera back to face forward, we get to see the entire windshield get riddled with hail. He can barely see the road at this point, and that's where the video ends.


Check out the video below:

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