An annual Texas State Park Pass from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department gets you unlimited visits to over 85 parks across our state. If you're a big outdoorsman, you've probably got one. If you don't, but you're thinking about getting one, don't delay. Prices are about to increase for the second time since the program was developed in 2004.

So, right now, annual passes are only $70. Beginning September 1st, that price will increase to $95. Additionally, the Youth Group Annual Pass, which allows youth groups free entry to state parks, will increase from $100 to $150. If your current Texas State Park Pass expires after September 1st, you can renew it up to 150 days early and get an additional year of pass benefits for only $70.

But, Chrissy, why are the prices going up? 

The price increase will help fund improvements to the park and ongoing maintenance. That stuff adds up. I think an additional $25 for an entire year of park access is worth it. The extra money will help keep the parks nice for visitors.

What's your favorite Texas State Park? Mine is Brazos Bend State Park in Fort Bend County in Needville, Texas. It's known for its alligators! I've spent many a weekend there fishing and gator watching. If you've never been, I highly recommend it. It's gorgeous, and the gators make it pretty unique.

Drop me a comment on this article and let me know which state park you think I should visit next, then keep scrolling for more Texas-based news and fun galleries below!

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