Oh yes! New Suffocation is always cause for celebration around Casa del Thrash or even the office for that matter - just ask the people from the Top 40 station who just got a good ole earful of one of the best damn death metal bands on the planet. I probably didn't convert anybody but it never hurts to try.

Anyway, the band has released the lyric video for 'As Grace Descends' from their upcoming album Pinnacle of Bedlam due out February 15 on Nuclear Blast Records and judging from the song we can expect the new album to sound just like Suffocation but better because one of the baddest skinsmen on the planet, Dave Culross, is back in the band. Don't get me wrong, Mike Smith is one damn good drummer but I've always been a fan of Culross and the one Suffocation EP he played on, Despise the Sun, is in my opinion one of the band's finer moments.