Getting pulled over sucks. However, these cops turned a bad situation into a great one. Free ice cream for the people.

About a week ago, was the annual Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day. This is when Dairy Queen raises money for the Children's Miracle Network hospitals by donating a dollar for every blizzard sold. This year they raised over two million dollars and the Georgia police department helped raise some of that money.

The squad purchased a lot of blizzards and put them in coolers in their car. When they pull people over for routine traffic stops, they would hand them a blizzard, instead of a ticket. I know today is a cloudy day in Texoma, but when that sun is out, it can be brutal. I think on the next Miracle Treat Day the Wichita Falls Police should do this as well. Actually, if they could always hand me ice cream instead of a ticket, that would be great.

Check Out Ice Cream Instead of Tickets Below: