Goatwhore have kicked my ass since I first heard The Eclipse Of Ages Into Black over ten years ago and it's starting to look like the beatdown's gonna continue for some time to come.

Guitarist Sammy Duet was kind enough to lend me a few minutes last Saturday night (1/28) on the Oath and aside from the fact that I'm down to shoot the bull with any member of the band at any moment, the occasion for the conversation is a new opus by the name of Blood For The Master due out on Valentine's Day nonetheless (trust me, I'll find time to jam it at some point during the love fest).

During the interview I asked Sammy who or what made him decide to start playing leads, whether or not they did anything different this time around in the studio and who in the hell came up with that badass album title among other things.

Sammy Duet - Goatwhore Interview Part I

Sammy Duet - Goatwhore Interview Part II