Every once in a blue moon I get to talk to an artist that had a profound influence on me when I was a kid and that blue moon rolled around Monday (9/17) when Down guitarist Pepper Keenan joined me for the Maximus 4 o'clock 4-Play to discuss their new disc Down IV Part I: The Purple EP among other things as I spun four from the mini album.

My conversation with Pepper was one of those where I didn't want to hang up when we were through doing the interview, not because he's someone I've always looked up to but because he was just that engaging and not to mention a fun guy to shoot the sh*t with.

In addition to the new EP, we talked about the next of the four EPs that make up Down IV, the possibility of any new influences making their way into Down's songwriting, how many new songs we can expect to hear on the current tour and a whole lot more.

Pepper Keenan - Down Interview Part I

Pepper Keenan - Down Interview Part II