Come on Stars fans, time to get a real team back on the cover. 

I love video games and my favorite to play with my friends is sports video games. They actually turn into shouting matches by the end of them though. I will be honest, I was definitely more of a 2K fan growing up. Since EA sports has a monopoly on the sports video games market, we only have one NHL game now.

I remember another Dallas Star being on the cover of that series back in the day. Marty Turco on the cover of NHL 2K6. We have the chance to have another Dallas Star on the cover of a video game franchise. The Captain, Jamie Benn. My favorite player by the way.

This summer, the World Cup of Hockey is going to be going down. So EA has left the votes up to country statuses for the cover vote. Representing team Canada is Dallas Star Jamie Benn. Now how can you get those votes in?

On Twitter using the #NHL17Benn. Let's say you don't have a Twitter. You can get a vote in on the NHL website. First round voting ends on May 2nd. Jamie Benn is currently up against Aleksander Barkov of the Florida Panthers. Believe me, had to Google that guy. Jamie has got to beat him, so get those votes in and go Stars.