Still trying to figure out what the guy on the bike did wrong. 

Road rage has become a huge problem in our country. We have several examples of this happening. This is another one where language is a factor, so be careful if you're watching this one at work. This bike is just cruising along down the road. When all of the sudden the car in front of him slams on the brakes.

According to the guy in the car, he was being tailgated. By the video, you can clearly see he his not. The man threatens to fight him and that is when he speeds off. The car catches up to him awhile later. He curses him out and threatens another fight. This time, he was able to get away.

This video caught my eye because he said he was a Cowboys fan. I am a Cowboys fan as well and wanted to see what the hell was going on. From the video, it's hard to tell what makes this guy a Cowboys fan. Maybe his shirt or hat? It's hard to see in the video. No matter who this guy roots for, this behavior is insane and he should have his license suspended.