Just like everyone else, I don’t like getting stopped by a school bus. When they’re loading or unloading, however, it’s the law that we stop and it’s for safety reasons. Sure, I get slowed down for about twenty or thirty seconds, but it’s really not that big of a hiccup in my commute. For one woman in Cleveland, Ohio, she thought she found a way around the law by taking the nearest sidewalk.

The driver of this school bus has seen Shena Hardin take the sidewalk every day in order to avoid stopping for the bus. Somehow she must have found a way in her mind to justify her actions as legal, but they’re anything but. Because it was happening so often, the bus driver started filming her and then contacted the police. That’s when Hardin’s sidewalk streak came to an end.

She’s only be cited for not stopping for a school bus, though I’d like to see her cited for stupidity as well.