Want to scare the little kids in the neighborhood? Then take a listen to Bleeding Through’s ‘Faith in Fire’ and crank your speakers to the highest possible level while near a window. That’s how terrifyingly fast and brutal the Orange County band’s latest slab of blackened, keyboard-laced metalcore is. ‘Faith in Fire’ will live on the band’s next album, ‘The Great Fire,’ which will blaze its way onto retail shelves on Jan. 31. Rise Records will issue the album.

The band has also shared the cover and the full track listing for the album as well. Bleeding Through were being quite generous and keeping with the spirit of the holidays by sharing all these pieces of content, weren’t they?

As for the song, it’s compact and boasts a communal, pit-worthy sing along and the kind of chunky, moshtacular breakdown that is normally reserved for a mental institution. ‘Faith in Fire’ finds the band sounding like it’s been restored to the glory of the mid’00s, when they were decimating stages and annihilating the scene.

Bleeding Through ‘The Great Fire’ Track Listing:

‘Faith in Fire’
‘Goodbye to Death’
‘Final Hours’
‘Starving Vultures’
‘Everything You Love Is Gone’
‘Walking Dead’
‘Devil And Self Doubt’
‘Step Back in Line’
‘Trail of Seclusion’
‘Deaf Ears’
‘One By One’
‘Back to Life’

Listen to Bleeding Through ‘Faith in Fire’