Released last Friday, Bill & Ted Face the Music is a most excellent return to the far out world of Bill Preston (Alex Winter) and Ted Logan (Keanu Reeves). Old plot lines were revisited, and new characters were introduced, including Bill and Ted’s daughters Billie (Brigette Lundy-Paine) and Thea (Samara Weaving). But according to the movie’s co-writer Ed Solomon, there were a few other epic moments planned in the script that couldn’t happen due to budget.

In a Reddit AMA that took place last Tuesday, Solomon revealed that the writing team originally had a scene where “the guys visited themselves at Circle K and did a scene with Rufus and their young selves.” As cool as that would have been, Solomon said it simply wasn’t possible due to the money it would take. On top of that, it would have required a lot of VFX work to add the late George Carlin into the scene.

Another moment that could have potentially happened was one “where they go back and essentially (accidentally) torture their 9 year old selves.” That certainly would have made for a more meta movie, but it was ultimately decided that it wasn’t needed. And finally, Solomon shared that the writing team played around with a VH1 “Where Are They Now” style opening. Not gonna lie, that would have been pretty great.

Bill & Ted Face the Music is available for rent or purchase on Amazon, YouTube, Apple TV, and Google Play.

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