To some us, it's just a movie premiere. To this couple, it's a day they will be remembering the rest of their lives. 

Congratulations if you were one of the lucky ones to check out 'Star Wars' last night. I was not, so no spoilers here. Also, if you're someone that does spoil new movies, I wish the worst evil upon you. One couple had the pleasure to see the movie, but before hand something else went down. They got freaking married right in front of the theatre.

It was actually one of the most famous theatres in the whole world. The TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Before you start judging these people, it was actually the theatre's idea. Andrew Porter and Caroline Ritter jumped at the idea and said they would love to do it.

It was definitely a 'Star Wars' wedding to remember. Darth Vader walked Ritter down the aisle as a violinist played the theme to the movie, and R2D2 served as the ring bearer. A 'Star Wars' cake was of course consumed and also took place in front of the countless people waiting to see the movie. OK nerds, the bar has been set for nerdy weddings. Time to step your game up.