It's time to have a serious discussion about those cute and sometimes lovable animals that we call cats. It turns out they really aren't so cute and lovable, but instead crazy, deranged serial killers!

According to a new study by The Smithsonian and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, cats, both wild and domestic, kill anywhere from 6.9 to 20.7 billion other animals a year and that's just here in the continental U.S. That means each cat in our country kills around 42 other animals a year. They are the serial killers of the animal kingdom so why do they do it? My theory: cats are evil.

Birds make up the majority of the victims with around 3.7 billion killed by cats annually, which if you Google cats and birds fighting, you can kind of get an idea that at least some of these birds might deserve it. Need proof? Check out the video below of a bird picking on a cat. He gets what he has coming to him. Other animals include moles, rabbits, voles and mice. I can understand the mice, that's what I always thought was the only useful thing about cats, but why kill all those other innocent animals?

This is all coming out a few weeks after Gareth Morgan, a man from New Zealand, proposed banning people from owning cats in NZ, because they are a threat to the native bird populations, which include many rare and endangered birds, and his idea isn't looking to crazy now.

He has proposed getting all cats fixed, not replacing them when they die, and even telling the government they should offer free cat disposal. According to his website, Kiwis(people from New Zealand) own the most cats per capita with 1.4 mil cats in New Zealand and that cats have contributed to the extinction of 9 native bird species already. You can check out his website Here and read up all kinds of crazy cat facts.