My son is tired of hearing about the Zombie Apocalypse. He feels it’s time to let the idea go and for people to quit talking about it. For me, I think talk about the Zombie Apocalypse is a whole lot of fun. It won’t happen, of course, but I like to think that if it ever did come to be, I could survive at least a couple of days. Maybe I’d hole up in a bar like they did in Shaun of the Dead. “Would anyone like… a peanut?”

Even the CDC has gotten involved, writing up a zombie preparedness plan. Their article is really nothing more than a disaster preparedness plan that you can follow for any type of disaster, but it they’ve put an interesting twist on the whole thing. You have to admit, their plan worked and they’ve been bombarded by the droves of curious people who want to find out what the CDC could possibly have to say about zombies.

Now we’re seeing that zombie proof houses are being built! An architect in Poland has built a house that can withstand those mindless freaks when they end up on your doorstep:

Depending on exactly how it's constructed, it looks as though the zombie-proof house would provide excellent protection against hurricanes and tornadoes. If you like modern architecture, it's very attractive, with walls of windows — you close those with movable walls if there is a chance of zombies — and an open floor plan.

The 6,100-square house is on the outskirts of Warsaw and was built between 2005 and 2009 for a client who wanted the ultimate in security. You can see floor plans and read some of the specs at architect Robert Konieczny’s website.

I love it. If you had the money, would you build a zombie proof house?

Read more about zombie proofing here.

The CDC has info to get you ready as well.