Zoltan Bathory, guitarist for Five Finger Death Punch, is weighing in on the “anti-gun” media and politicians who are calling for tougher bans on assault weapons. On his Facebook page, he’s made a statement that gives his insight to the issue, and blasts those who are looking to take away weapons that many want to use for self defense and sport.

The post appeared on Friday, and he stated:

Anti-gun advocates in the media placing all the emphasis on the word 'ASSAULT' for a reason. It sounds menacing to those who don't know much about weapons, and this particular word also embodies the concepts of 'first strike' and 'aggression'... and the media just loooves that.

The fact IS, however — a rifle is an inanimate object with no free will or intent on its own. It doesn't plan to assault anyone... So really, this is all just playing with words.... If I called my rifle a 'defensive rifle' — it wouldn't throw up the red flag — and in reality THAT'S WHAT IT IS. I have it for defensive measures so that's what it should be called. A 'defensive rifle.'

The National Rifle Association and everyone in the favor of their constitutional rights should attempt to educate the masses about what those 'scary' misleading phrases actually mean. The non-gun-owning public imagine fire spewing fully automatic weapons. NO. Private citizens don't and can't have those. Even the phrase 'semi-automatic' can be easily misunderstood by the general public... It doesn't mean it's a 'little bit of blazing fire' — or 'sometimes automatic sometimes not. No — it's one bullet per one pressing on the trigger. Just like a musket... without you having to pour gunpowder in the barrel and drop a led ball in there — the semi auto gun does it all for you — but ONE at the time... So no raining fire blaze Rambo style... NONE of that happens... even though in a case of home invasion, some of you'd probably wish it did.

Anyway... let's hold on to our rights to own DEFENSIVE RIFLES and DEFENSIVE PISTOLS.

What do you think about the proposed bans? If certain guns were banned, do you think criminals would turn in their weapons?