Nothing against Swedish death metal because it's definitely good stuff, but I've always favored the more brutal style that comes from our country, particularly the Tampa bands of the early 90's. I was immediately struck by how American Sweden's Aeon sounded upon first listen and that was the first thing I asked guitarist Zeb Nilsson about when he called me for the December 22 edition of The Oath.

Aeon's new disc Aeons Black is a brutal yet groovy homage to the bands that gave birth to death metal. The band does a good job of mixing the blasphemous lyrical content of Deicide and the gore that Cannibal Corpse celebrates in their lyrics while musically paying tribute to all things Tampa while maintaining originality. Aeon understand the difference between influence and blatantly ripping someone off and there's no thievery going on here.

Some of the other topics Zeb and I discussed were the band's songwriting process, the origin of their anti-religious stance, the metal scene versus the rock scene in Sweden and more so give it a listen.

Aeons Black is out now on Metal Blade Records.

Zeb Nilsson - Aeon Interview Part I

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