Meet Chely, short for Aracely, our latest HomeBrew Hunnie.  We met Chely when we were talking to our last featured HomeBrew Hunnie Amber.  It just so happens that they both work at Body Central in the mall, which is also where they got their clothing and accessories.  Chely actually turned out to be the quietest and most reserved Hunnie at the shoot, but if you thought it was because she was shy, all you had to do was wait until she was in front of the camera to be proven wrong.  This gorgeous beauty didn't hold back when Jessica Wood started clicking.  In fact, she seemed more comfortable in front of the camera than not!  So enough from me, enjoy the pics...


Get to know more about Chely on her next post later this week.  In the meantime, don't forget to check out the rest of our HomeBrew Hunnies!

Photos by Jessica Wood of J Wood Photography

Chely's clothes are from Body Central.

Chely's hair was done by Zack Temelcoff of Du Nouveau and her make-up was done by Kim at Serendipity.

Cars:  1956 Chevrolet Bel Air,  2007 Ford Saleen Mustang, 67 White Chevy Impala.  All owned by Wally Santellana.

Location:  The Cozy Cottage at Coyote Ranch Resort.