Okay, okay...so I get my wallet chains and the occasional vinyl from Hot Topic, but let's face it - kind of like the Twilight movies, Hot Topic is not taken very seriously in most circles comprised of individuals over the age of eighteen. As the saying goes, "It is what it is."

Hey I ain't judgin'! It ain't easy being in a band in this day and age and every little bit of support counts so who can blame Lacuna Coil for letting Hot Topic premiere their video for the current single "Trip the Darkness"?

Back to the point here, the video's pretty decent visually even though I don't ever wanna see the insanely beautiful Christina Scabbia with those freaky, bushy, white wizard lookin' eyebrows again.

The song ain't bad either...it's actually pretty catchy. "Trip the Darkness" comes from Lacuna Coil's upcoming album Dark Adrenaline due out January 24, 2012 on Century Media Records.