So I do believe Tressa Stoiloff set the record for the most clothes and accessories for our first Hunnie photo shoot, but i'm definitely not complaining.  This brunette bombshell was prepared for the shoot and even brought her own music that I ended up downloading.  Tressa is definitely a "free-spirit" when it comes to music as she has a very eclectic taste.  So when it came time to ask her what her favorite rock band or song was, she couldn't pin point one that was her favorite.  But that I can definitely appreciate as I love a variety of music myself.  And if you ever hear of an electronic dance party from Club Nights and City Lights Productions at The Mix, you will most likely see her dancing in or around the DJ booth.

So before I blabber on any more, here's some more info on our latest HomeBrew Hunnie:

Favorite Rock Band/Song:  I honestly don't have a favorite song.

Favorite Car from the photo shoot:  62' White Impala with red interior.

Current/Future Piercings & Locations:  Nose & belly button, I love piercings, I just don't want scars on my face.  But I do want dermals really bad on other places than on my face.

Craziest thing done while wearing heels:  I don't know if this is supposed to be a dirty answer but I played ice hockey one time in a pair of heels and I also climbed on top of a four story building in Dallas to get a better view of the skyline.

Tressa's hair was done by Allie McConnell at Mode Hair Utopia and Tressa did her own make-up.

Cars are the private collection of Wally Santellana of WS Construction.

Shoot Location:  Cozy Cottage at Coyote Ranch Resort.

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