WWE wrestler Paige is the latest victim of hacked pictures being published online, along with a video that implicates two other wrestlers. 

Paige began trending on social media early Friday with news that revealing pictures and videos of the wrestler had been discovered. Shortly thereafter, NSFW selfies and even explicit videos of Paige started popping up on sites like Reddit. Paige remained silent for most of the day, ultimately issuing a statement on Twitter, confirming the hack,

Paige's mother, wrestler Saraya Knight, also tweeted in support of her daughter:

The release of private pictures also looks to impact other wrestlers, with former WWE wrestler Brad Maddox and current WWE wrestler Xavier Woods both being identified as participants in one of the leaked videos. Neither men have made a public comment yet as Maddox hasn't Tweeted for the last few days, and Woods is currently covering video game news at SXSW.

Paige hasn't been seen on WWE TV for several months, having served two suspensions for violating the company's Wellness Policy, and recovering from a neck surgery. Paige's status with WWE has been in question for a while now, after her back-to-back suspensions and her fiance, Alberto Del Rio, recently signing with WWE competition Impact Wrestling, and Paige being backstage at Impact during his debut appearance. The WWE and Dwayne Johnson are currently co-producing a biopic about Paige, sharing the name and based on the documentary about Paige's upbringing in a wrestling family and start with WWE, titled 'Fighting with My Family'. Footage was filmed after a recent broadcast of Raw, recreating Paige's debut where she won the Diva's title. Vince Vaughn has been cast to reportedly play Vince McMahon, with Lena Hedley from 'Game of Thrones' and Nick Frost from 'Shaun of the Dead' cast as Paige's parents.

The WWE has not made an official statement about the hack yet. The last time a WWE employee was involved with such a hack was Seth Rollins, when revealing pictures of him were released by his former-fiance after she discovered he had been having an affair. WWE reportedly instructed wrestlers to not publicly comment about Rollins' situation and to not mention it on WWE television.