Cats love paper. If my floor is entirely clean except for a single 3x5 card, the cat will find that card and lay on it. There's no telling what the allure is, they simply like sitting on things that you'd rather they didn't sit on. Cats also love wrapping paper, so during the holiday season, you're likely to find Fluffy “helping” you out with your gifts. If you have a cat who has tried helping in this way, you can admit it – you've wondered how you can wrap your cat up as a gift. Look no further, this video will show you how!

It doesn't take much convincing to get Fluffy to help out, all you need to do is bring out the wrapping paper. Even if she's in a full-on slumber, your cat will wake as soon as she's aware you're trying to do anything dealing with paper. Once she's in position, the fun can commence.

This method won't work for all cats, because some of them get a little too wiggly when it comes to gift wrap. If you have a patient kitty who loves attention, however, this is a sure-fire way to get some pretty hilarious Christmas photos.

Warning! Don't be surprised if your cat tries to bite you if you do this.