Superhero movies are all the rage now-a-days and while your dad may be loving watching all his favorite childhood characters come to life on the big screen, chances are that poor ole mom is still waiting on the one superhero she looked up to. Who am I referring to? The Amazonian Princess Wonder Woman of course! While it doesn't seem hard for male heroes to take flight in the movie industry, female heroes don't seem to have such good luck getting off the ground, for example Catwoman and Elektra.

So what makes Wonder Woman so different? Maybe not a whole lot but in the last couple days a video from Rainfall Films has gone viral on Youtube. The video, more like a trailer although there is no Wonder Woman movie planned at this time, has racked up almost 3 million views, forcing people to ask the question, where's the Wonder Woman movie? The video features Wonder Woman fighting off armed criminals in the city streets and giant monsters in her heavenly home alongside her Amazonian sisters. Check it out right here and tell us what you think: should there be a Wonder Woman movie?