A recent study of 3,000 women shows some disturbing facts about how we keep information and gossip. We can keep secrets, but not for long. The average time of keeping that information to ourselves is only about 32 minutes.

I’m sure the men out there are nodding in agreement and would probably tell me that’s why they keep their mouths shut. Yet as I think about these numbers, I think… well I’m good at keeping a secret. But am I? I won’t lie that I’ve spilled the beans on more than one occasion.

The good news is that we aren’t running to just anyone about what we hear. Typically it’s a spouse, mom, or best friend who gets the news first. Though I’m sure there are still some women who are standing in the grocery store line blabbering to anyone who will listen.

Here’s the breakdown of how we view secrets and gossip:

85% of women love hearing gossip. This is no surprise. I, too, get excited when someone pulls me in close and says, “Did you hear about this?”

50% feel the need to relay the information just to get it off their chest.

13% of us are malicious enough to spread gossip intentionally so it will get around. On a side note, I’ve actually seen men do this from time to time.

32 Minutes – the time it takes us to send a text, whisper in an ear, or make a phone call.

Does this mean you can’t trust women? I suppose it really depends on the individual. Given the statistics, you have about a 50/50 shot that your information will be kept quiet.

Unless it’s really juicy.

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