Sometimes I come home and lament about how my day had gone... I worked too many hours, my feet hurt, I couldn't find the perfect color nail polish when I went to the store, etc. Usually when I gripe about my day, it really doesn't boil down to anything of great importance.

Especially when I compare it to the day the others around me have had.

Take, for example, a woman in Germany this week who was attacked by a dog. That in itself is a bad day. I freak out if the spider hanging out in my shower snarls at me and I'm sure that one day it will attack. That's nothing compared to being injured by a dog, who has a lot of force behind its bite.

Luckily the woman escaped without serious injury, but because she was under duress, she hid behind a door. I probably would, too. The problem with her hiding spot was that police were still going after the dog and ended up shooting it. The bullet decided Fido wasn't its resting place and went through the door she was hiding behind, shooting the already traumatized woman.

I suppose you could look at the glass-half-full part of this story and say she was pretty lucky that it only hit her in the arm. But I have to say, I wouldn't look at her as having a lucky day.

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