A woman in Harris County, Texas, is putting a whole new spin on the meaning of the “crazy cat lady.” She allegedly shot her husband in the stomach in an effort to protect one of her cats.

Audrey Deen Miller owns several dogs and cats, who are presumably like members of the family. On Tuesday morning she and her husband got into an argument when her husband threatened one of her cats. Reports state that the husband was trying to “do something” to one of the cats, and that’s when Miller pulled out a .40-caliber semiautomatic handgun.

Lucky for the husband, he’s in stable condition, and the cat is unharmed. Unlucky for Miller, she’s been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Whether or not the husband was actually doing something to an animal is unknown since there aren’t witnesses, but animal cruelty is horrible. A cat doesn’t have much in the way of defenses against an angry human who intends to do it harm. On the other hand, Miller had a choice as to whether or not she would shoot her husband over an animal, and it goes to show the lengths some will go to protect a pet.

Think they’ll stay together?