A Florida woman is in hot water with police and has been charged with armed robbery. What got her there? She’s accused of pulling a gun on a man who she was in a car with, while he was driving. Oh, and they were in the middle of sex when it happened.

The victim met Amanda Jean Linscott and a friend of hers in a pub. They later went to a private home where the victim had sex with the friend and loaned the friend $120. They parted ways, and later that night they planned to meet up. When the man arrived, however, only Linscott was present.

From there, Linscott and the man drove away, and that’s when Linscott started to get down and dirty. In the middle of the act, she pulled a gun and demanded his money. The victim then punched Linscott in the face and crashed his car into a palm tree.

Linscott took off but police later found her, and as you can see from the mug shot, she has a shiner to remind her of that night.

I suppose the moral of the story would be that you shouldn’t be having sex with strangers while driving. Just a thought.