Craigslist is a great place to look if you’re seeking goods or services. You can find a car, a housekeeper, or just sell of your old dresser. Because it’s an effective tool for finding what you want, a woman in New Mexico allegedly posted an ad of her own recently, looking for pot.

The woman in question is 29-year-old Anamicka Dave, who is new to the Roswell area. It started when police stumbled upon the ad in the “casual encounters” section of the web site. She stated she was “looking for Mary Jane.” I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty obvious statement.

So the officer who saw the ad had to do a little research before contacting Dave, because the ad was so blatant. He figured it was another officer posting the ad, but when he discovered it was not, a flurry of text messages ensued, setting up a meeting place.

When Dave showed up to buy the weed, police arrested her. Shocking, right?

Yeah… it takes someone special to be that big of a moron. So I’m giving her my moron of the week salute.

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