I guess this video store desperately wanted their VHS tape back.

Kayla Michelle Finley was arrested last week and spent a night in jail for failing to return a movie back to a store nine years ago. The VHS tape of 'Monster In Law' was the reason for Kayla's arrest. The WYFF report says Finley was at the county sheriff's office on another matter when an active warrant for her arrest was discovered. Chief Deputy Creed Hashe told the station that the store's owner had asked a Pickens County judge for the warrant years ago when Finley didn't return her video.

Now I know the law is the law, but seriously I could not think of more embarrassing way to get arrested in 2014. Failing to return a VHS tape back in the day just meant your Blockbuster card got revoked. I did not know you could actually spend a night in jail because of it.