Catrina Migliorini is a Brazilian woman who has plans to study medicine and travel the world. She also has plans to lose her virginity to the winning bidder of an auction, with proceeds going to charity. She’s just your average, wholesome 20-year-old.

As of now, the bidding is at $160,000, though it doesn’t end until October 15th. The winner will cash in on his prize while aboard a private jet from Australia to the United States. It would seem Migliorini sees that her act could be viewed as prostitution, even though she denies that’s what it is. The flight somehow gets around prostitution laws.

Migliorini claims that she can prove she is still a virgin, and the winning bidder will need to undergo STD testing and wear a condom during the act.

The question is – where does all of this money go?

She says that she will indeed keep some of the proceeds, but part of the money will go toward money for housing poor families in Santa Catarina in Southern Brazil, from where she hails. There’s no word on how much of the funds will go to charity. In addition, she’s being paid $20,000 by a film company from Australia. They are doing a project called “Virgins Wanted,” and they also get a cut of the auction price.

Oh, and don’t get too excited – the sex act won’t be filmed. Migliorini says she’s not doing porn, and would “die of shame” if it were filmed.

At least auctioning off your virginity to a perfect stranger for money isn’t shameful.

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