Ahh, the classic moron. Our planet has an abundance of them. Our latest moron hails from Ohio, where a woman and her son recently did a robbery at a Liberty Tax Service. It was her weapon of choice that puzzled authorities – she was using her curling iron.

It all happened when Sonia Watson and her son Antonio went to the tax preparation site, with Sonia holding a “gun” covered by a towel. The gun turned out to actually be a curling iron and the duo took off with $280. On the way out Antonio was hit by a chair and the report also notes they escaped being snagged by an employee dressed as Lady Liberty.

The robbery was successful, though $280 is hardly worth the jail time in my book, except for one small problem. The Watson’s had their taxes done at that location just a couple of weeks ago. Because of this, employees have all of their personal information, right down to their social security numbers. After all, if you’re going to rob a place, you may as well make it a place you’re familiar with.

For now the pair remain at large, but their stash of cash is sure to run out soon. I’m sure their mug shots will soon grace the pages of shame across the internet, and I’ll once again have fun at their expense.

Huffington Post