Vajazzling is something that's been gaining popularity recently. It's the act of pasting rhinestones to a woman's hoo-ha to make it prettier. I'm guessing men don't really care if it's sparkly down there, they just want to know if they can touch it and play with it, yet women are simply trying to go the extra mile for their significant other. A woman who recently went to get vajazzled wasn't happy with the result when she went home with the wrong name on her coochie.

It seems there was a breakdown in communication when the woman said her husband's name is Lee. She was getting studded in celebration of her 40th birthday, but instead of going home with the name Lee, she went home with "Len," the name of a boyfriend of one of the girls in the salon.

There's no word on whether or not she'll get free vajazzling in the future, or if Len was excited to hear about the mistake, but Lee found the humor in it. Maybe next time she'll go with a design instead of a name.