According to, the risk for a life-threatening, large outbreak of tornadoes across much of Texoma is about as high as it gets.

The highest threat for life-threatening tornadoes will begin late Saturday afternoon and into Saturday night with the affected areas extending from north-east Kansas near Topeka through north Texas near Wichita Falls. A smaller, but still significant, threat will reach all the way down to the western suburbs of Dallas-Fort Worth

Saturday morning will likely be the calm before the storm with several large damaging thunderstorms expected to form around 4pm CDT and continue on throughout most of Saturday night.  The probablity that these storms will produce a large scale outbreak of strong tornadoes is very high. also reports that, “the thunderstorms that will spawn the tornadoes will also drop large, damaging hail, and could produce powerful wind gusts in excess of 60 mph without the help of a funnel.”

Stay Up To Date on the Weather Situation:

Due to this high threat of tornado producing storms, it is very important that you stay up to date on the weather situation in your area.  We will have up to the minute weather updates posted to the NewsTalk 1290 Facebook page and of course you can listen to NewsTalk 1290 on your radio, or right here online for weather updates as well.

Tornado Safety Tips:

Make sure you and your family have a plan of action before going out or going to sleep Saturday.  If a warning is issued,  immediately head to a basement or storm shelter.  If a storm shelter or basement is not available, stay away from windows and take shelter in an interior room, lie flat and use mattresses as cover if possible.

Mobile homes and trailers are not safe to remain in during a tornado and should be evacuated – find the nearest sturdy building for shelter.

If driving, do not attempt to outrun a tornado. Move away from it at a 90° angle from its path.