The City of Wichita Falls is scheduled to go into Stage 3 Drought Emergency on Tuesday, February 5th. A stage 3 drought emergency is declared when the combined storage level of lakes Kickapoo and Arrowhead drops to 40% of the total conservation pool storage capacity. When a stage 3 drought emergency is declared, the goal will be to reduce the current net withdrawal from reservoirs by 20% or more (with the 15% reduction from Stage 2, that will make a total of 35% reduction).

During Stage 3 all restrictions from Stage 2 remain in effect in addition to the following restrictions:

Business Restrictions:

Car dealers may only wash inventory of cars on the days that they are authorized to spray irrigate in accordance with the Water Rationing Zone Map. Car washes are required to close the car washing portion of their business on one day each week. Golf courses shall not spray irrigate any fairways, Tee-boxes may be spray irrigated only on the day of the week permitted for the area as identified on the Water Rationing Zone map, and greens may utilize spray irrigation any day of the week. Restaurants/bars/clubs/schools may not thaw food with water. Food must be thawed by another method approved by the Health Code. Food establishments may not clean kitchen or food handling areas with spray hoses. The cleaning of these areas shall be accomplished by means of broom and mops only.

Residential Restrictions:

Spray, Sprinkler, Drip, Bubbler, Soaker It shall be unlawful to utilize spray irrigation in any but the following hours:
-12 midnight to 5 a.m. for Automatic Sprinkler System
-8p.m. to 12 midnight for Hose-End Sprinkler Systems

Swimming Pools: It shall be unlawful to operate a water feature on a Residential Pool, including, but not limited to, fountains, water falls, descents, arcs, and slides.

The city of Wichita Falls has put together a list of 100 Ways to Save Water. Check it out and implement as many of the tips as you can to help conserve water in our area.

During a Stage 3 Drought Emergency, A water conservation surcharge will be applied to all Residential and Irrigation accounts as follows:

For Residential Water Meters
$1.00 per CCF between 10 CCF and 20 CCF,
$2.00 per CCF between 20 CCF and 40 CCF, and
$4.00 per CCF over 40 CCF.
For Irrigation Water Meters
$1.00 per CCF between 0 CCF and 10 CCF,
$2.00 per CCF between 10 CCF and 20 CCF,
$4.00 per CCF between 20 CCF and 40 CCF, and
$8.00 per CCF over 40 CCF.

For questions please contact the Public Works Department at 940.761.7477.