The ever-growing problem of identity theft has taken another turn in Wichita County.  This morning, the Wichita Falls Police Department revealed an arrest in connection with a  major investigation involving check forgery that targeted private business and the county itself.

An extensive four-month long investigation by the Wichita Falls Police Department’s Financial Crimes Unit has led to the arrest of Michelle Scott and others in an ongoing scheme involving forged Wichita County payroll checks. Several other local businesses and their identifying information were also targeted for the purpose of committing fraud by check.

The investigation of Michelle Scott is related to the arrest and/or pending arrest of at least five other persons on charges of engaging in organized criminal activity-forgery.  Officers recovered equipment related to the check fraud scheme to include multiple computers, software, check stock, printer and record files containing the identifying information of the victims.

Details on the exact charges and bond should be released later today.