The Wichita County Jail has passed an unannounced state jail inspection for the third year in a row.  On Wednesday, the Texas Commission on Jail Standards found the Wichita County Jail system to be in full compliance with state regulations.

The two and a half day inspection of the jail facilities, both downtown and at the jail annex is a comprehensive review of all aspects of jail operations.  Inspected areas include paperwork, sanitation, food and medical services, infrastructure, supervision, staffing, policies, and life safety areas.  Inmates and staff were even interviewed during the process.

Captain Donny Johns, Jail Administrator, said that the Commission noted many improvements over previous inspections-

“Since January 2009, this jail has undergone a tremendous amount of changes.  Changes in policy and procedures, changes in partnerships with vendors, and even changes in the mindset of employees.  All of this has helped transform a jail that had consistent deficiencies into a jail that now, is consistently compliant.  I applaud our staff in their efforts to achieve this goal. ”

Sheriff David Duke stated that maintaining the compliance standards is a year round effort.

“A lot of hard work goes into maintaining compliance and developing ways to become more efficient in our jail on a daily basis.  Without the hard work of our entire jail staff, we wouldn’t be successful...often the public sees the Patrol Deputy or Investigators as the face of the Sheriff’s Office.  The employees that the public doesn’t often see are the hard working men and women who run and staff our jail.  They are confronted with potentially dangerous situations every day, as well.  I hope our County residents appreciate their service as much as I do.”

The Sheriff also thanked Wichita County Judge Woody Gossom and the Wichita County Commissioners Court for their "continued support in maintaining compliance in the jail."