Strong energy and a solid heavy sound are the two best ways I can describe 'Bitter,' White Knuckle's latest single that they just finished up and released.   Made up of Marcus Wise - Vocals, Seth Branham - Guitar, Joey Kittrell - Bass and Michael Christmas - Drums, White Knuckle is ready to put on a show that will keep you pumped for days!

Now for the crappy part, if you listened to Homebrew last Sunday, during the second showcase you would have heard a different song instead of 'Bitter.'  Unfortunately the song didn't play when it was supposed to and played at the end of the hour instead.  A thousand apologies to White Knuckle, who by the way have been extremely cool about the whole issue.  To try and make up for our mistake, in a Homebrew Double-Shot on Sunday with For Shame, we will re-air the bands Homebrew interview with both songs...including 'Bitter.'

But for now, crank up the volume and press 'play' for 'Bitter'...

Next post:  Check out the pics of the band in the studio for their Homebrew interview, thanks to Jessica Wood of J Wood Photography, as well as hear part 1!