Okay, you may not be much of a geek, but what if I told you season one of “Game Of Thrones” ended with the girl in the picture naked (with a dragon on her shoulder)?  Do I have your interest now?  Good, then click through.

HBO has just released a “making of season two” kind of trailer. Now what is real cool about this series is that they always hinted at magic and supernatural type stuff, but featured NONE of it until the final episode. Until that point we didn’t even know if the fantasy elements were a part of the characters worlds or just superstitions and such.  We still don’t even know (as viewers) whether the monsters behind the big wall are real or imagined. This is a great show to get caught up now during these winter months. In the meantime whether your a fan or a newbie, you should be able to check out this mini-documentary without it ruining the show for you.