I remember a time when I needed to look at a map before traveling. If I was going to a new place, I would need to know where I was going, otherwise I might end up lost. Smartphones have made life easier in so many ways. Now all I need to do is ask my phone to lead me and it will give me step-by-step instructions for how to get there. Smartphones have replaced a number of objects, some of which you may have never given much thought to.

When was the last time you carried a compass? Do you have a voice recorder sitting in a drawer somewhere? What do you use as an alarm clock? Do you still own a Walkman?

Though you may not get rid of all these things entirely, smartphones do give users a number of resources right at their fingertips. The room-sized computers of yesterday have certainly changed over the years, allowing us to carry a wealth of tools in our pockets.

Yet there is a drawback to smartphones – they have the ability to take away one very important thing from our lives, which you’ll see at the end of the clip.